Christmas Traditions We Adore

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The holiday season is upon us and the countdown to Christmas is well underway. With Christmas decorations having already made their timely debut in shop displays and the sun scheduled to grace us with its presence for the next couple of months, Melbournians are taking to the streets to soak up the long-awaited sunshine and join in the festivities that this joyous period beholds.

At Studley Park Boathouse, we love Christmas – the lights, the decorations, Christmas carols, sugary treats, copious amounts of delicious food (and wine), presents for loved ones, family gatherings and of course, the wonderful traditions that accompany the holiday season. In tone with the upcoming festivities, we wanted to share with you our all-time favourite Christmas traditions.

Visiting Christmas light displays

The annual Christmas light extravaganza – a friendly ‘competition’ between Melbourne’s house-proud residents who battle for the glory of housing the city’s most impressive display of Christmas lights – is just around the corner. To our delight, it has fostered a tradition of cruising down the streets of Melbourne to marvel at these spectacular masterpieces.

 Putting up the Christmas tree



Putting up the Christmas tree is a family favourite, a fun activity that the kids look forward to as it marks the official countdown to Christmas day and is home to all the presents, come Christmas morning! There’s something magical about the glow of fairy lights combined with a vibrant set of ornaments.

 Binge watching Christmas movies

Elf. The Grinch. Home Alone. Need we say more? It’s not Christmas without a ‘Christmas classics’ marathon on the couch with your loved ones. You’ve seen it a thousand times before, but it never gets old.

Baking Christmas themed goodies


It’s time to whip out those star shaped cutters and icing pens as we enter the season of baking. The aroma and sugary goodness of freshly baked Christmas themed goodies is a powerful remedy to any bad day, wouldn’t you say? If you’re an excellent baker and equally as patient, perhaps the gingerbread house is part of your Christmas repertoire! Regardless of how sophisticated your baking skills are, it’s another fun, festive activity. One that delivers such sweet rewards!

We hope this short trip down memory lane evokes a hint of nostalgia and triggers your cravings for the fast approaching Christmas festivities!

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