The Studley Park Adventure Guide

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At Studley Park Boathouse, we crave the warmth of Summer. The morning burst of sunshine that inadvertently seeps into our subconscious and erases any trace of negative emotion. One could interpret this as a sincere invitation from Mother Nature herself to resume our yearly binge on outdoor activities and events. To celebrate the arrival of the warmer weather, we’ve put together a quick guide on what you can look forward to on your visit to the Boathouse.


  1. The Boathouse Café

Food, of course, tops the list. We’ve got to keep our priorities in check. If you’re searching for a relaxed atmosphere and a tantalizing selection of food, make your way down to the Boathouse café.

  1. The Restaurant

For contemporary fine dining overlooking Melbourne’s iconic Yarra River, consider the Boathouse Restaurant. With a delectable modern European menu, the restaurant provides the perfect backdrop for romantic dinners, special occasions and Sunday luncheons.


  1. Boat Hire

Hire a boat, canoe or kayak and paddle along the Yarra River, leisurely or competitively, whatever floats your boat! What an excellent way to spend your afternoon! Immerse yourself in the city’s natural surroundings and feel the wind in your hair with each stroke of the oar. It will certainly work up an appetite!

  1. The Bushland Circuit

A light stroll around the Bushland Circuit is the perfect way to explore Melbourne’s natural bushlands without engaging in an intense hike. Perfect for families with small children, the Bushland Circuit trail is an 850m loop walk which begins on the Studley Park picnic area side of the river at Kane’s bridge and takes approximately 25 minutes. Keep your eyes peeled for the Black-faced Cuckoo Shrikes, Silvereyes and White-Plumped Honeyeaters which are easily spotted due to their loud chatter and song.

  1. Picnic

Bundle up the family and friends, a few light snacks, a well-curated playlist, a game or two to keep the kids entertained and proceed to Studley Park for a lovely picnic brunch. There are electric barbeques and rotundas to accommodate large gatherings.

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