The Wedding Recipe

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Preparation time: 365 days +

Cooking time: 24 hours


1 loved up couple

1 celebrant

1 marriage license

A picturesque setting

The most important people in your lives

Generous portions of mouth-watering food

Heartwarming and entertaining speeches

Wedding band/DJ to get the party started

Alcoholic beverages to inspire dance floor action (optional)

A photographer to capture the priceless moments


  1. Secure wedding venue (picturesque setting) in advance.
  2. Add the most important people in your lives.
  3. Blend remaining ingredients until the laughter, joy and priceless moments are permanently engraved in your memory.

Chef notes:

There are certainly Wedding Recipes that are far more complex. There are also recipes consisting of fewer ingredients. We’ve put together a happy medium, a slightly modified version of the ‘Original Wedding Recipe.’ Ultimately, it’s not about the flower arrangements or the font featured on your wedding invitations, it’s about celebrating a lifelong commitment to your significant other and sharing this special day with your closest and dearest. After all, the fundamental ingredients – love, laughter and joy – simply cannot be purchased.

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